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We're super excited to announce our newest pepper flake blend! It's a collection of Red Peppers from across the Asian continent, primarily featuring the Korean Gochugaru chile pepper. Korean Gochugaru (GO-choo-GAH-roo) has such a dynamic and balanced flavor profile, it smells sweet with a subtle fruitiness but tastes savory with a very mild level of heat, it's most commonly known to spice up Kimchi and other stews within Korean cuisine. Gochugaru is traditionally treated with a small amount of salt as part of the drying process.

Although we love Korean Gochugaru just by itself, we wanted to add a little more heat and some contrasting flavors. So we add in minority portions of Thai Chile and Tien Tsin to provide some traditional Asian heat. These two chile peppers are commonly found in your favorite dishes such as Pad Thai, Kung Pao, Chow Fun, and Pad Kee Mao (AKA - Drunken Noodles). Then we threw in just a tad of Ghost Pepper to provide some additional smokiness and increase the heat level to about 50-70k Scoville.

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