Blaze - 5 Burner Blaze LTE Plus Grill with Lights (40") LP/NG (On Cart)

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  • Blaze Premium LTE+ grills improve upon their previous bestselling model, thanks to strategic enhancements
  • 70,000 combined BTUs from 5 powerful cast stainless steel burners
  • Efficiently produce gorgeous sear marks with patented triangle-shaped searing rods
  • Heat zone separators empower you to cook more at once, and with different techniques
  • Taste perfection with stainless steel flame tamers that help vaporize drippings and evenly spread heat


The Blaze Premium LTE+ gas grill is made from commercial-grade stainless steel, making it extra tough in outdoor environments. It is also free of vulnerable weld spots, adding to the impressive durability grill masters deserve. The stainless steel grill hood is double lined, shielding the outer layer from heat discoloration while also keeping more heat where it matters most. This LTE+ model also includes a hood assist mechanism that makes opening and closing easier than ever in addition to new, improved lighting, which remains on while in use, and LED illuminated control system with safety glow lighting. All backed by Blaze's best-in-class, lifetime warranty.

Effortless by Design

The Blaze Premium LTE+ makes cooking nearly effortless at every stage. Beginning with startup, thanks to the Blaze push-and-turn flame-thrower ignition system that reliably lights in no time. And just in case, backup flashtube and crossover channels have you covered in the unlikely event of ignition trouble. Either way, the 5 cast stainless steel burners will be lit with impressive quickness, generating 14,000 BTUs apiece for 70,000 BTUs.

Blaze outfitted the Premium LTE+ grill with patented triangular searing rods. Why does that matter? It is all in the design: a wide, flat bottom to soak up huge amounts of heat, along with a pointed top to channel it all to a single point of contact with food. The result is astounding sear marks that you would expect to find in a steakhouse. Beneath the grates rests a set of a full-width, 14-gauge stainless steel flame tamers that not only stop most flare-ups in their tracks, but also evenly distribute heat across the cooking surface. No more dreaded hot or cold spots—just consistent temperatures.

New, Innovative Features

Grill at any time with the Premium LTE+ updated LED illuminated control system, a helpful yet stylish touch that makes the grill knobs shine red when in position. Pair that with improved interior lights and you're in for a more enjoyable cooking experience. For added convenience, this Blaze Premium LTE+ grill includes a removable warming rack for toasting buns or keeping cooked food warm until everything is ready to be served. And no need to worry about a mess as the removable, full-width drip tray makes cleanup simple. Add it all up, and this Blaze Premium LTE+ is their best grill yet.

Please note that a 110V power source is required. Blaze Premium LTE+ 5-Burner Gas Grill includes interchangeable propane and natural gas orifices, so if you ever need to switch from one gas to the other, you won't need to acquire a gas conversion kit.