Fiesta Extra Fancy Cajun Red Fish Seasoning

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A classic blend of garlic, onion, salt and Cajun spices, Fiesta Brand Cajun Red Fish & Meat Seasoning is the only spice blend you need during the summer.

Cajun food is known for its fiery blend of spices including paprika, garlic, and even hot peppers. Rather than trying to recreate classic Cajun flavor yourself, let Fiesta Brand Cajun Red Fish & Meat Seasoning lend you a hand. This seasoning is the perfect blend of fiery peppers, flavorful garlic, and tender onion combined with all of your favorite Cajun spices – all in one bottle! For an authentic Cajun-style meal, brush your favorite cuts of meat or red fish with melted butter then sprinkle liberally with Fiesta Brand Cajun Red Fish & Meat Seasoning. Sear the meat over an open flame and serve hot with a side of Spanish rice or your favorite Cajun-style side dish.

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