TEC Infrared 26" Sterling Patio On Stainless Pedestal With Side Shelves

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Key Features

  • 100% infrared grilling helps your food retain more of its own natural juices
  • Patented radiant glass panels virtually eliminate hot/cold spots and flare-ups
  • 200-900 degree temperature range allows you to sear steaks or cook low and slow
  • Rapid 10 minute heat-up times mean less waiting and more grilling
  • Contoured grill hood with fluid rotation handle and red knobs add a touch of style to your outdoor kitchen

Newly improved from TEC, the Sterling Patio FR series of grills is better than ever! Featuring an innovative grilling system capable of cooking from a searing hot 900 degrees Fahrenheit, down to a low 200 degrees, great for low-heat smoking, searing, and everything in between. The TEC Sterling Patio FR 26-inch propane gas grill cooks with 100 percent infrared energy with no hot or cold spots, eliminating hot air and reducing moisture loss in food by up to 35 percent. The fuel efficient 30,000 BTU burner uses less fuel than other grills, saving you money on gas. Convenient electronic ignition supplies a reliable spark to ignite the burners safely. TEC uses a patented flare-proof stainless steel infrared burner system combined with a radiant glass emitter panel, resulting in tender, juicy, charbroil flavored food. The position of the stainless steel cooking grates, radiant glass panels, and infrared burners creates even heat distribution across the cooking surface and virtually eliminates flare-ups. The 296 square inch cooking surface is covered by unique, U-shaped cooking grates which heat very quickly, delivering restaurant-style sear marks on your food. TEC Sterling Patio grills are capable of heating up to 900 degrees in 10 minutes with the hood closed, making long preheating times are a thing of the past. The need for a side burner is also eliminated because you can place your pots or pans on the cooking grids or radiant panels to heat and cook like on an indoor cooktop. Enjoy quick and easy cleanup, with a self-cleaning cooking surface that incinerates food and debris in 10-15 minutes while the grill is on high. Handcrafted in America, this 26-inch freestanding grill features a sleek, contoured double-lined hood and thick gauge, 304 grade stainless steel with red metal control knobs on a stainless steel pedestal base. All TEC grills are CSA certified.

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