Yoder Smokers - 36" El Dorado Santa Maria

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  • Yoder Smokers - 36" El Dorado Santa Maria
  • Yoder Smokers - 36" El Dorado Santa Maria
  • Yoder Smokers - 36" El Dorado Santa Maria
  • Yoder Smokers - 36" El Dorado Santa Maria
  • Yoder Smokers - 36" El Dorado Santa Maria
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At the heart of the El Dorado’s design is the time-honored tradition of Santa Maria style grilling to create an elevated culinary tool for the backyard or for that professional chef looking for something that stands out from the crowd. The heavy-duty construction and attention to detail creates a set of products that will lead the way in open-fire cooking. The El Dorado series takes traditional function and fuses it with hand-crafted innovation to create a masterful cooking experience to be enjoyed for decades to come.

Whether it’s grilling a steak down low over a scorching hot coal bed or slowly roasting your favorite large cut over an open wood fire with the grate set higher, this is truly the ultimate live-fire experience. The art of open-flame cooking over charcoal or wood providing that flame-kissed flavor, look no further.


  • Designed for optimal heat distribution and maximum efficiency, the firebrick provides unmatched efficiency and even heat distribution for charcoal or logs. The large surface of the floor allows you to create multiple heat zones for that perfect meal preparation.
  • Designed to use lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes, wood chunks, or splits. The large firebrick floor is geared for multiple fuel types and optimal results.


  • Cantilever arms provide open access to the cooking area from all sides. The arms also bolt in place which will allow for serviceability for the life of the grill.
  • The 10-gauge firebox is surrounded by a 3” airgap on both sides, with a 12-gauge outer shell. This air gap coupled with the fire brick-lined interior allows for the outer surface to remain cooler which will extend the life of the body and create a better cooking environment.


    • Made and Designed in the USA

  • The 12-gauge stainless steel V-Channel grates direct grease and drippings away from the flame and are height adjustable via the heavy-duty chain drive with 15” of variable travel. This means more precise temperature control allowing the cook to manage the heat level and ensure the meal is cooked to perfection more easily.
  • Multiple access points at the front of the grill make keeping up on ash and grease is no problem with drawers that glide open for effortless cleanout. When it comes to fire management, an insulated drop-down front door allows for no-hassle, direct access to the fire when you need to add more splits or charcoal.
  • Mobility: The El Dorado’s cart is comprised of heavy-duty steel, handcrafted, and finished with a durable 1200-degree powder coat for longevity. Supporting the cart are 10” cast iron locking casters to last a lifetime.