Butcher BBQ - Bourbon & Brown Sugar Easy Baked Bean Seasoning

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Whoever the person is that first came up with using Bourbon and Brown Sugar in a recipe together should be awarded a prize. What you get with our Bourbon and Brown Sugar Easy Baked Bean Seasoning is a fine smooth flavor of sipping bourbon along with the caramelization from brown sugar. Pair that with all the zesty flavors from our spices, and your tastebuds will thank you. 

 Our full flavored spices work with all types of beans. Open your favorite can of beans, add 1/4 cup of E-Z Baked Bean Seasoning, stir in, heat in your preferred method, and serve. Use with pinto beans, canned pork and beans, or white beans. This will change the way you fix your family's meals forever. It's easy, fast, and flavorful.

The base flavor in canned beans is already there but with help from our Bean Seasoning, no one will ever know you started with a store-bought convenience item! No one has to know your little secret. You can still show up with a "Family Secret Recipe" dish that will impress your friends and family.

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